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Dead Men Talking is the UK's number one dark comedy podcast. Hosted by stand-up comedians Rob Mulholland (AKA Captain Bendy) and Freddy Quinne (The Egg) and unably assisted by their tiny little dwarf producer Not-Gay Tom. The podcast was launched in March 2022 and set about seeing what lay underneath the bottom of a scraped barrel. they quickly gained a loyal following of some of the ugliest and dumbest people on the planet, gaining 1000 patreons within the first 36 hours of launching on the site, which we think might be a record but we can't be arsed to check so let's just say it is. These dumb uglies and the morons who lead them combine to make The Army of the Dead, the most fearsome gang of Spofforths around. Episodes are released thursday and sunday with a bonus patreon only epsiode on tuesdays. For more information on the hosts may I recommend

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